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Five-star housing complex redefines living.

New York entrepreneur Ian Schrager--the co-founder of legendary Seventies club Studio 54 and the man who revolutionised the hospitality industry with design hotels such as Morgans in New York and St Martins Lane in London--is shifting focus to a new breed of 'high-service' residential development. The 59-year-old self-styled "builder" is collaborating with acclaimed Swiss architect Herzog & de Meuron to create 40 Bond, a Manhattan property comprising five townhouses and 23 apartments due to open in late 2006. Aside from high-impact design, interiors and furnishings (including an extraordinary Gaudi-esque entrance gate), each will have access to five-star hotel-standard concierge, housekeeping and 'lifestyle' services. So you can do what you want, in private and in peace, and still have someone else clear up the mess in the morning-as well as walk the dog, do the shopping and send flowers to disgruntled neighbours while you sleep it off.

It's a new way of living--a modern response to cluttered lives," says Schrager. "We're bringing the notion of an estate manager into the city. The service is customised so you're effectively ordering off a menu." Having parted with Morgans Hotel Group last year (although he retains a major stake), Schrager believes this unique development will set in motion an international trend for what he calls "carefree living". "I think 40 Bond will break the mould, just as Morgans did over 20 years ago," he says. "It bridges hotel and apartment living. And it's reflective of my life, too. When I was running clubs, I was going to clubs. When I opened hotels it was because I couldn't find one I liked. Now I can't find anywhere I want to live." True to his word, Schrager is planning to move into the penthouse at 40 Bond. He'll also be re-opening notorious New York hotel Gramercy Park this summer--historical home-from-home for everyone from an 11-year-old JFK to The Clash--along with serviced residential property 50 Gramercy Park North. And, because that's not enough, he's also working with architect John Pawson on a new "monastery-like" hotel in Miami Beach. Somewhere spartan to convalesce when 'apartment living' gets a little too much, then. 40bond.com